Something that I’m going to put out there on the line and admit right now is.. Last year, I was stuck.
I felt like I was photographing so many families but being my own worst enemy and critic, I wasn’t happy.
I never had a real reason why, I loved the images and getting to spend time with other families always inspires me. But, something was missing.

I wasn’t capturing the emotion that I wanted, and that was alllll me. I spend hours with beautiful families and I felt like I wasn’t doing them justice.

That’s where Lifestyle photography came in. Which, I really need to come up with a new name because I feel like this one has been beat to death, all with different definitions.

Let’s call it, “Photos you want to have because these are your memories, and hey mom! Get in that shot for once”Roblin Manitoba Family Photographer
I’ll think of something better later….

Anyways, and let me tell you now, I’m horrible at explaining things. Especially things I love because I get excited and I ramble..

What is Lifestyle Photography to me?
Simply put, it’s your family. I come into your home (or a place you spend a bunch of time as a family) with no expectations. Kids will cry, fight and most likely not listen. (isn’t that normal?)
I don’t want you to stress. Just relax and know that I’m not freaking out and things will be ok.
I capture you guys. Playing your favorite game, with your favorite toys, or running around outside.

Roblin Manitoba Newborn PhotographyIn the end, you’ll walk away with photos that you’ll cherish.
Time doesn’t wait for anyone. Even in the thick of newborn parenting when all you do is feel tired and change diapers, time moves on and babies grow. My son is finishing Kindergarten next month, I remember the constant nursing, no sleep, and pajama only days as if they were yesterday, but even being a photographer (a lousy one at the time) I was never in the photos. Judging by the prints it was him and his dad through it all together. Although, Mamas. It’s us and them, 99% of the time.
This is your chance to get in those images too, fill your walls, make an album that yells “Hey! It’s me, Mom! I was there too!!”
So the most common question I get besides “How much is it?” is “What do I get?”Roblin Manitoba Family Photographer
Here’s what you get – Up to 2 hours of my time to photograph your family at the location of your choice. You’ll also get, an edited gallery of your images, mostly colour with some black and white mixed in. There are no limit to the images you receive. Anywhere from 60-100, but it could be more.
Russell Manitoba Family Photographer
If you’re thinking, what am I going to do with all those photos?! Easy. Cherish them. Print them. Reminisce. You could also get me to put together your very own personal album. A solid piece of evidence that you were there too and when things feel chaotic, a reminder that life is still beautiful.

Here’s another reminder. My sessions right now are still $225. Albums starting at $125.
My session prices are going to go up, soon, but if you book now, you’ll be locked into the original price.



Also, here’s another note. I’m giving away a session on my Facebook page.
AND it also comes with an album.
Draw will be done on Mother’s Day.

Roblin Manitoba Family PhotographerRoblin Manitoba Family Photographer
Roblin Manitoba Family Photographer Roblin Manitoba Family Photographer Roblin Manitoba Newborn Photographer


My family and I spend a lot of time outside. Fires and board games

Bonnie Kerkowich

We love spending time at home in our yard the most, working in the garden with the kids and our little deer friend Winnie. It would be nice to have some family photos with me in them!

Would love to win and have a family album. Our family activity is just in the backyard chilling, having some bbq and appreciating nature

Lovely photos! I’d love a shoot with our family on the trampoline, or in my daughter’s room were we read as a family each night before bed

Love your photos, Sara!
Our home has been our family’s sanctuary through our many great times, and our tough times too. It’s home. It’s where our Lifestyle session should be.

I would love to have you capture photos of our family out at Silver Beach. It is the place that means so much to me, and us. It’s our happy place. And you Sara ARE an amazing photographer- I have the family shoot to prove it!!!

We love spending our family time outdoors! Playing in the sandbox, going to the park, bike riding, swimming and going to the farm!

We’d love an outdoor session

I have always wanted to try a home/lifestyle session!

We like playing in the yard and our little guy likes the kitties and his Lola…would like an outdoor yard session.

Come to NS and lets getter done !! fishing with my dog and taking care of my dad along with yard work (: your pic’s are amazing !! clear crisp and real hug’s kisses xoxo

Love this! Favorite family activities are ones we do together. Whether it be playing in the backyard, baking or just relaxing. As long as we are doing it together!

I would really like to have some professional pictures done with my daughter and my grandbabies.

We love to be on the farm. We have a golden retreiever whom we spend a lot of time with hunting and training, and we are country people to the core. A shoot on the farm would be fantastic.

Amanda Korchinski

At my moms acreage doing yard work etc or while we are camping.

We love spending time outdoors on the farm, so that is exactly where we would love a photo shoot!

Our favourite family activity is going to the park and playing/walking the dog whether it’s just walking around, going on the play structure or swinging or the splash park at vermillion with snacks! Soon to have 3 boys in August!

Great read! If we won, we would do our session at home! We have our first child brewing right now, and there’s no one I’d pass up an opportunity to capture some lovely photos of us as a family when he/she arrives!

With a two month old we’d be limited to just a cuddle shoot! Likely in home.

We spend most of July at the lake, our second home. A session hanging out by the campfire would be amazing.

Beautiful once again Sara! We love spending time at the beach in the summer and being cozy at home in the winter. We would do our session at home.

Rachel Michalchuk

We love any outdoor activities! We would love for an outdoor session, anywhere really!

So fun! We love being outside especially on the farm which would be a great place. Calves and seeding 🙂

Your amazing! I would love to have some pictures done with my kids by a river or by some train tracks. Anywhere outdoors really. 🙂

Our favorite activity is going to the hockey arena/beach/camping/roller blading, any activity outside really. We’d do our session in our new home or across the street at Pike’s Peak where we take the dogs for runs!

We love being outside can’t wait to share the summer with our little man ! A family session would be so much fun!!!

My family and I would love an outdoor session! We spend most of our time at our family farm in the backyard and going on adventures!

Hey Carley! You won the session!! Please fill out the contact form on the site or email me at to book!!! 🙂

Tara-Lee Martin

I’d love to do a photo session at RMNP at out favourite trail we go on! Been a dream of mine!

We loving hanging out in our backyard by the fire pit and sandbox…it’s very relaxing and fun!

We are currently expecting our first child any day now! He is due on mother’s day but he’s ready to meet the world! <3, as a family right now our favourite activity is going fishing and spending time outdoors with each other! I guarantee this will still be our favourite thing to do with our little guy when he comes! And of course all the newborn snuggles we can get!

We love being outside with our little Wyatt! Nothing is better then an outdoor family session with Sara! It’s always so much fun! Thanks for this opportunity 😊

I love playing outside with my family we like camping, and being in the bush.. we just finally got our dream acerage with some new animals and love it! I would love to start our new beginnings with pictures taking at our new place

Would love a session with family. One of the place we visit often with our girls is the family farm . Lots of activities like walks , biking, quad rides, etc. Would be nice to take pictures there.

I would love an outdoor session! Our family is always enjoying the outdoors!

Love the idea of a lifestyle session! Our favorite activities is family walks/bike rides with our girls and dogs!

My family just has fur children. But my favorite activity is hanging out with them.
The session would take place in my yard.

Sara, you’re the best!!! I love you. I would love a session at my parent’s farm, outside – or at our house in town. My favorite family activity? Probably just hanging out with no agenda or wandering around outside with my girl. 😊

Love this blog post so much!!
Favourite family activity would definitely be hanging out at the lake fishing/camping. Excited to bring our little girl camping with us this year! If I win the session, it would be at Asesssippi 😉

Kirsten Thompson

We absolutely love the previous sessions we’ve done with you; they’ve perfectly captured our family. We’d love to eventually do a session at our cabin as we spend our summers there and love that our children have somewhere to build memories outside away from technology.

We spend so much time at home, you begin to forget the beauty of your own home and the memories that are made there

Would absolutely love a family session at our house in and around on the farm where I love to watch my children experience all the wonderful things I grew up seeing and doing.

Shaelyn Stienwandt

Love the natural and real shots you take through Lifestyle Photography! I would love to have a session at a lake or in my home that highlights my passions for health and wellness at home.

I would love a session out at the lake where my family loves to spend time together! Doing anything outside there is our favourite 😊

I love the idea of “lifestyle” photography! This is such a great idea for a nice mother’s day draw.

I love going to visit at my grandparents house with my girls and their dad, that’s where we spend a lot of our time. We’d do our session at their house outside.

Lisa Branconnier

I would love to have one out in the pasture while we are treating cows😊 Different lifestyle you don’t get to see very often

Love this!! Our family favorite activity is simply playing 😊 We love to be down on the floor using our imagination with all our toys at home!!

I would love a session with my family! Our favorite activity is watersliding/swimming but we would do our session at home!

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