When I first became a professional photographer (more like set up a facebook page) weddings weren’t even on my radar. I second shot for one and was completely lost and thought, nope. I just can’t. But, something shifted in me and the more I photographed families the more I wondered if I should give it another shot. So, I did, and WOW. I was hooked! There is so much going on and such an amazing energy on a wedding day that even when I’m editing the images after, I can still feel it!

I’ve had so many people wonder why. Why spend all this time away from your kids? Why spend all your weekends in the summer away? Well, because I LOVE IT. I can honestly say that when I wake up the morning of a wedding day I am so excited! My couples aren’t just another number to me. When I photograph them I see connection and love and the little in between moments that some people might miss. I cry at every wedding. From the first walk down the aisle, to the emotional speeches & even during the first dance. Truth is, I cried even just watching this slideshow. I am fully invested in each and every wedding I am a part of and I really honestly believe I have the best job in the world.
Anyways, watch the slideshow and see what I mean. ❤️

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