Photo by - Megan Steen Photography

Photo by - Megan Steen Photography


Hi, I'm Sara

I'm a mom to two darling boys, and wife to a mechanic husband.
We live in Rural Mb with our 2 dogs, 3 cats & 7 chickens.

I'll start by saying, I don't have a jaw dropping moment that brought me into the world of photography.  Other than, one day I picked up a camera and I never wanted to put it down. I'm drawn to moments and to emotion.
I cry at every wedding I photograph and smile until my cheeks hurt.

Things I would love to photography

  1. A farm lifestyle session. The everyday of farm life. For people with a farm this probably sounds so strange but I'd love to photograph you and your family around the homestead.
  2. A destination wedding, because who doesn't love a warm beach during the winter?! Also, if you pay the travel & hotel for me and my 2nd, I'll shoot for free!
  3. An elopement. Run away and get married, just invite me too!

Family Session


.... this glowing family in the natural light to commemorate all the toothy smiles and loads of laughter shared by these three. We just can’t get enough of one-year-old Riley and the love between Adam, Rebecca and their sweet daughter.

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