Mama Sessions – Updates.

December 2, 2019

Hey folks! It’s been a super long time since I updated the blog. After a very busy summer/year, and after some much needed soul searching and business dreaming/scheming. I figured it was time!

Mama sessions were something I started last year. I NEVER thought they’d be as popular as they are. So, thank you for that! I love them! They’re my favorite thing to photograph and it warms my heart to see so many mamas walk through my door. With that being said…I think it’s time for a change. Just a little one….How about we take this outside? I’ll be offering up to 6 mama session dates next year and I want to make some magic outdoors (as well as studio)

So, where should we go? I’m thinking a beach..a field..? There are so many options but, I need your help! You Mama are the reason why I’m doing this! Where should we go?!

Another thing I need to bring up, which is icky and I don’t like to do this but Mama sessions will now be $125, instead of $100. Just to make up for travel time. Sessions here will still be $100! I want to keep these affordable so ALL mamas can get photos with their babies. So, let me know on what locations you’d love to see and stay tuned for dates!!


I’d love to do photos at my in-laws campground- Asessippi Beach!

Yesss! Would be so beautiful there!

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